Timber Timbre | Hot Dreams Music Video

The always fantastic Timber Timbre is gearing up for a new album to be released later this year. The video which has been released along with their single Hot Dreams is both appropriate in setting and tone. If Hot Dreams is any indication of what is going to be on the new album we are all in for a treat!  


Arcade Fire - Here Comes the Night Time

Montreal band Arcade Fire is gearing up to release their fourth album Reflektor in late October. Just today the band has released a short video preview featuring three of the tracks that will appear on the up coming album. Here Comes the Night Time is a nice peek at what Arcade Fire has been working on since The Suburbs


Cold Country | Missing the Muse EP

Cold Country has recently released an EP called Missing the Muse. The band itself hails from Chicago and is fronted by Sean McConnell. McConnell and company have actually released three albums all within the last three months Libra (full length), To Providence (full length) and their most recent addition is the EP Missing the Muse.

The amount of harmonica on this EP might bring on some comparisons to Bob Dylan but that is not really the case. If anything though, Cold Country has more of a Neil Young flavor with a bit of Neko Case thrown in to smooth out the edges.  One of the best songs on this EP is Bird of Paradise which opens up with a playful whistle and is filled with soft harmonies that just bring out the underlining emotion that the song is trying to convey.   

A good EP should have a taste of everything good about the band that made it and Cold Country does just that with Missing the Muse.  


Us Lights | Crown Music Video

Us Lights is an up and coming group who call Portland home. They have a new music video for their song Crown.  It features some innovative visual effects but the song itself is what captures the listener’s attention.  Crown effectively draws the listener into a dark and gentle world of its own.   

Check it out below.


Daft Punk | Random Access Memories | The Collaborators

Over the month of April a series of videos were released on YouTube about the upcoming Daft Punk album Random Access Memories and the collaborators who worked on it. It's a fascinating set of videos documenting the creative process that goes into making a complex album and the state of electronic music. As a source of inspiration, this series is a must watch for any aspiring musician.

Daft Punk's new album is due out May 21st. 


The National's Video for Their New Single "Demons"

The National are going to release a new album in May of this year called Trouble Will Find Me and have released a music video featuring artist Azar Kazimir drawing the cover of the new album in time-lapse on a hotel room wall. The song Demons gives us a tasty preview of what's to come on The National's sixth album. Hopefully, it will live up to the band's last album High Violet, which was arguably one of the best albums of 2010. 


Daughter | Looking at Their Latest Video Still

Daughter is a British trio that formed within the last couple of years it features the delicate vocals of Elena Tonra. When listening to this band you will no doubt be struck by how elegantly each track plays out. This has to do with the intimate style of the band, the lyrics, the picking progressions even the percussion attempts to elicit a sense of drama and emotion. The video for Daughter’s single Still is no exception. It features a very pretty young woman who becomes progressively upset as the song plays through.  Best guess as to why she is upset, most likely it is the ugly carpet on her bedroom flood.       

Daughter’s If You Leave album comes out in early March and should not be missed.